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Control access to your jobsite today

CrewSight™ software combines jobsite access control with a worker database for increased security. Track time and attendance, safety documentation and compliance, and store your workforce registry. Create automated reports and streamline workforce communication.

CrewSight™ software combines a jobsite access control system with a worker database for increased control and site security. Plus, you can track time and attendance, safety documentation and compliance, and store your workforce registry. CrewSight creates automated reports and streamlines workforce communication with broadcast texts.

Access Control System

CrewSight™ helps you enforce access rules to your jobsites and alerts you of unauthorized entries.

  • Control access on secure jobsites with our turnkey Access Control System
  • Install or relocate mobile conex box easily
  • Limit jobsite access to only those workers meeting your specific entry criteria
  • Customize entry criteria like signed NDAs, passed drug or background screens, and/or current licenses
  • Gain visibility into jobsite entries and exits and when they occur
  • Use a unified cloud-based portal to remotely control access to all jobsites
  • Use the most effective way possible to capture accurate time & attendance data
Labor By Company
Safety Services, Inc. 19
Drywall Masters, LTD 16
Jamison's Painting Company 16
Fine Finishings Co 15
Scott & Scott Architecture 15

Labor Tracking

CrewSight™ records each worker’s time on site for accountability and reporting.

  • Know who is on each site, including their company and trade affiliation
  • Track crew and subcontractor hours by jobsite
  • Validate subcontractor billings with ground-truth data
  • Sign up for regular labor report summaries via email or text
  • Log in on the web and generate custom reports for any time period
  • Easily filter labor reports by trade, subcontractor, or other user-defined criteria

Site Security

Control access to your jobsite, improving security for your workers, equipment, and material.

  • Limit site access to workers with proper training, NDAs, drug tests, qualifications, and more
  • Identify all workers entering your site, and quickly restrict access when needed
  • Receive alerts and reports if unauthorized access occurs
  • Allow your guards to focus on perimeter and vehicle security
  • Reduce equipment theft by securing your site

Health and Safety

CrewSight™ enables you to document workers’ emergency contact info and send safety alerts.

  • Find an unconscious workers’ emergency contact information from your phone in seconds
  • Confirm a jobsite is empty through supervisor alerts at the end of the day
  • Broadcast text alerts with check-in point details during mandatory mass evacuations
  • Alert workers of upcoming safety meetings, bad weather, and site hazards


CrewSight™ organizes your workforce data.

CrewSight™ organizes your workforce data to facilitate compliance with government or owner mandates.

  • Link license expirations to access control and limit your liability
  • Use labor reports to assist in payroll certification
  • Facilitate reporting for local labor and Davis-Bacon requirements
  • Configure your workforce database to record experience, documentation, and certifications
  • Keep general contractors and construction managers on top of expiring worker certifications
  • Create proactive alerts and reminders for expiring certifications
  • Receive reduced pricing with First Advantage, the leader in drug & background screening

Hassle-Free Onboarding

CrewSight™ makes onboarding fast and accurate with electronic worker self enrollment.

  • Present NDAs, Safe Practice Agreements and other documents on a mobile device
  • Select English, Spanish or another language for fast, paperless onboarding
  • Allow electronic self enrollment at the office or in the field, reducing time and errors
  • Record additional credentials and certifications
  • Create a smooth onboarding workflow that works within your existing safety orientation process

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